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Personalised Webbing

We offer free printing directly on to  all our polyester webbing straps and slings.


Manufactured and printed in the UK with plain text in black print and repeated each metre along the webbing.


A minimum order quantity of 1000 metres of webbing is required for free printing (e.g. 100pcs x 10 metre overall length).

If you require this service please request it and supply the information you want printed in the notes section of the checkout area before finalising payment. 

Lead time on orders for printed straps are 2 to 4 weeks.

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Personalised Labels

We also offer free personalisation of the labels on all our straps and slings. 

There is no minimum order requirement for this service. So if you don't meet the requirements for personalised webbing, simply select the custom label printing option on the product page and add the information you want printed. (Note this option is not available on all products, only those we manufacture on site, such as Ratchet Straps, Cam Buckle Straps, Endless Webbing etc). 

We regularly print companies names, numbers and email addresses on the label. 

Lead time on orders for customised labelled straps are 1 to 2 weeks.

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The customer shall indemnify us against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which we may become liable as a result of work done in accordance with the customer's specification which involves infringement of any letters, patents, registered design copyright or other similar form of protection. 

Made-to-order and personalised products may NOT be returned unless they are deemed to be faulty or have been damaged in transit, so be sure to check your specifications carefully. (Please see Delivery & Returns page for full terms and conditions).

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